Today, The USAID Economic Security Program delivered the Georgian Animation Association equipment for its newly established Animation Hub, which will provide Georgian animators with the opportunity to work on international projects.

Moreover, the hub will serve as a working and educational space for freelance animators and animation studios to ensure attraction of the international projects to Georgia, as well as will provide mentorship and professional development opportunities for Georgian animators with an aim to engage them in specific international projects.

Today, we were provided with special and unique equipment “drawing boards” for animation, which is used to create high-quality animation all over the world. This means that from now on, we will have the opportunity to work on services for international projects, seek foreign investors, and create joint products. In the future, we plan to participate in the largest international animation film festival of Annesy with our new Georgian animated films.” – Mariam Kandelaki Saqanima Co-Founder.

Similar partnership will not only foster the growth of these companies but also contribute to the development of the industry, leading to the creation of new employment and investment opportunities.