About Us

Georgian Animators Association (SAQANIMA) was founded in 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia and already unites more than 100 animation professionals, animation students, artists, production and post-production companies. The association strives to maintain gender balance, actively encouraging the membership of female animation professionals, and so far women make up 46% of Saqanima’s membership.

Saqanima has been actively working towards the development of the Georgian animation sector since its foundation. Considering the limited financial and human resources, it manages to implement local and international projects of a significant scale.

The activities are aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of Georgian animators, promoting Georgian animation internationally and establishing connections between Georgian and international animation professionals and attracting international projects to Georgia.

Saqanima’s vision and activities are widely supported by long-standing and new partners of the association in the international and local markets, such as: Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, National Film Center of Georgia, Goethe Institute Georgia, USAID/Georgia, French Institute, Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market, CEE Animation, AnimaFilm Azerbaijan.

Saqanima Mission

Saqanima brings together animation-related companies to provide new opportunities for its members and promote the international image of Georgian animation.


Saqanima strives to become one of the leading animation associations that integrates Georgian animation into the development processes of the world animation industry; Attracting partnerships, collaborations and investments around the world.


  1. Development of Georgian animation film industry.
  2. Development of Georgian animation film industry.
  3. Enhancement of animators knowledge and skills.
  4. Establishment of high artistic values in young animators.
  5. International promotion of Georgian animators and animation.